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Magnetude Jewelry is easy and fun to wear. Just choose a base, then select a tude that fits and finish with a chain or cord. There are literally hundreds of designs and bases in all shapes to fit your mood. Most of the tudes are shaped from real natural stones which have its own healing elements. The tudes are all backed with healthy rare earth neodymium magnets and each base  is embedded with far infrared (FIR), ‘negative ions’, and germanium powder and maybe helpful in increasing blood supply and seratonin to give you a sense of well-being.

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Founded by Empowering Women

Thanks for Dr. Tracey Diner, DC and her partner, 

Artist Candice Loren,  Magnetude Jewelry was born from their courage and passion to empower women around the country. Join Magnetude Jewelry celebrates friendship. Let us support their mission to empower women, entrepreneurs, and work at home moms who want to share in their vision of success, happiness, and wellness.

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We are all about empowering woman to follow their dreams and build their own business.. As moms and women entrepreneurs are needing extra support, Magnetude Jewelry offers affordable packages to start their path towards financial freedom.

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Frequently asked questions

How does muscle testing work with Magnetude Jewelry?

Muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology, is a very well known and respected method among Chiropractors or other healing arts. In essence, our brain is like a computer, and if we know how to access it, we can get specific information. For example, if you put refined sugar on your tongue your muscles weaken for a while because refined sugar is not good for your body. We will see this in a weak arm muscle test. Similarly, the body will respond by weakening when there is something that isn’t good for it either ingested or in the body’s energy field. This is why we can hold a phone that is on up to your head and show you that your muscles weaken, because the EMF that is being emitted, scrambles the brain’s ability to communicate properly with the body. Changing nothing but putting our Tude with the magnet in the person’s energy field, will immediately strengthen the person, because the magnet is pushing away the EMF’s which allows the brain to once again speak uninterrupted to the body

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